Counselling and Career Guidance

School Counsellors


Home is the first place for pastoral care and support. In addition to what parents/caregivers offer, the school counsellors may offer additional support to assist parents by providing biblical counselling. The purpose of offering additional support is that students know they are listened to and provided practical help if needed. Above all, the school counsellor and the student can listen to what the Scriptures say about issues the student struggles with. 


Referral process at school

  • The classroom is the first place for counselling and pastoral care outside the home.
  • If the time required is beyond what is possible in the classroom, the teacher and principal will discuss what might be needed beyond the classroom.
  • If it is decided that counselling sessions are needed, the principal will discuss this with the parents and seek their input and permission. 
  • If permission is obtained, up to 3 sessions may be booked with the counsellor.


Career Guidance 

The Career Guidance teacher is a versatile educator with experience working with intermediate and high school students. In addition, the teacher

  • Recognises that God has given each student particular talents, or has in his providence withheld particular talents.
  • Have great interpersonal skills to communicate with students and their parents. 
  • Works closely with classroom teachers in order to achieve the desired outcome for students.
  • Have wide knowledge of career pathways for students or are willing to upskill.
  • Keeps up-to-date with current trends and employer demands in the job market.
  • Have no particular bias in choosing a tertiary education over direct on-the-job training.
  • Will work with CENZ to make sure chosen career paths are accredited.

Please download the Career Guidance Programme.pdf attached below for more details.





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