Awards Shields 2023


Recipients of 2023 Awards

Scholarship Award - Ethan Yang

Tyndale Award - Aniketh Singh and Ella Bennett 


Junior Secondary Certificate

These Certificates are awarded to pupils in Years 9 & 10 who achieve a mark of 50% or higher in four or more subjects (including Bible) in the November examinations. For students who achieve a mark of 60% or higher in four or more subjects, including Bible, the certificate is awarded with merit.

Tyndale Park Christian School Certificates of Achievement

Secondary pupils who display meritorious achievement are eligible for the award of an Achievement Certificate. This may be for academic or other achievement and may be awarded to recognise achievement beyond a pupil's natural ability. It is, therefore, possible for pupils who do not have high academic ability to gain recognition for significant achievement in specific subjects despite being ineligible for a CENZ Certificate.

Scholarship Award

Each year, the school's premier award, The Tyndale Park Christian School Scholarship Award, may be made to up to two students. These trophies give recognition to students who, over the year, have displayed exemplary Christian character, diligence in school work and the attainment of high academic standards. They also must have made a significant contribution to the life and good name of the school. This award is not made automatically, and it represents the highest recognition the school can make.

Dux Award

This award is a new award to recognise excellence in academic achievement. It is awarded to the Year 13 student with the highest overall academic standard for their final year. It is only awarded when a student's overall standard of achievement exceeds an average of 95%.

Tyndale Award

The Tyndale Award is presented to recognise students who, during a long association with the school, consistently display exemplary behaviour, diligence in work, perseverance and good personal presentation.


The school issues testimonials to pupils leaving the school or about to apply for employment or training. These testimonials are written to identify character and academic attributes and have been designed in response to guidelines produced by employers. Pupils must request the issue of a testimonial at least one week before leaving school or before it is needed for an application or interview. Testimonials will not be issued after a pupil has left the school.