Location and Facilities

Tyndale Park Christian School is an Independent school, located in Flat Bush, near Manukau City Central, and comprises over two hectares of land, with pockets of native bush, which have been developed to include modern classrooms, sealed courts, a sports field, and an adventure playground.

Our school has no zoning restrictions*, and children attend from a wide area of South East Auckland. Children are able to enjoy some of the native bush areas and the abundant bird life, which includes tuis, wood pigeons and rosellas.

Facilities provided include Home Economics & Technicraft Rooms, an Art Room, an IT Room, a Library and a multi-purpose Hall.

Tyndale Park Christian School
206 Murphys Road, Flat Bush
Manukau 2019, Auckland, New Zealand.
Phone (09) 274 9771, Fax (09) 274 9772

You can also email us at admin@tyndalepark.school.nz.

* Our children attend from a wide area, including Manukau Central, Howick, Whitford, Manurewa, Panmure, Botany Downs, Drury, Dannemora, Otara, Papatoetoe, Otahuhu, Mangere, Flat Bush, Takanini, Wiri and Alfriston.

Our Mission

To assist parents by providing a Christ-centred education that encourages academic excellence and Christian service to the glory of God.

We achieve our mission by:

A curriculum that honours God and supports the parents in the nurture of their children in a Christian home. Parents can be confident that this curriculum provides them with ...

  • a clear basic course in every subject. All children are well grounded in the knowledge and skills that form the foundations of a good education.
  • set standards and honest reporting. Standards in all subjects are published so that pupils and teachers know what is expected and what progress is being made. Parents receive regular reports on their child’s progress and each term, detailed reports are issued that show how each pupil’s progress compares with the standards set. Parents have the God-given responsibility for their children’s education. Parents have access to the curriculum, all the work their children do and are entitled to look in on classrooms at any time.
  • trained and gifted teachers. Each of our teachers has had to meet demanding standards in the quality of their Christian lives, knowledge of the curriculum and training for quality teaching.

A clear commitment to standards of excellence

We believe that clearly stated goals and carefully measured standards are essential to the provision of a quality education. Teachers need to know how effectively they are teaching. Parents need to know how well their children are learning. Children need a realistic knowledge of their abilities and progress. Our goals and standards are precisely written and available to parents and pupils as well as teachers. A full description of our standards in each subject is included in each pupil’s School Report and is available separately as well. Beyond this, to ensure our standards are realistic, we employ a range of tests available through educational agencies outside of the school. Some of these are marked by the agencies. The use of these tests gives us valuable information on the teaching needs of individual pupils - but it also ensures that the standards we set are standards that will be recognised and valued by the wider community. We send the results of all tests, as well as all the class work pupils do, home to parents. Parents do not have to rely on unclear statements from the school about ‘good progress’ - they can see and know for certain what is aimed for and what is being achieved.

A distinctive approach to every aspect of teaching

Tyndale Park Christian School is a school where the aims of the school, methods of teaching and content of every lesson make Christ central. It is a school that willingly shapes every aspect of its life and work by the Bible. Our children are treasures entrusted into our care by God. We honour Him, and we do what is best for our children when we provide an education that centres on Christ in every way.

A final authority in Christian Education: God - in Christ and through His Word

The world in which our children live, and the world in which they will be called to serve as citizens and Christians, is God’s. The education that best prepares them for a vital and faithful adult life is one that equips them with the knowledge and skills they will need, and the wisdom to apply that knowledge and skill in the best way. The Bible says that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. By that, God means that bare knowledge is not enough - our children need to know how to use that knowledge in a way that helps others and honours God.

ERO Report

Our school is regularly reviewed by the Education Review Office (ERO). Their latest report is below.