Home is the first place for education, career guidance, pastoral care and support. In addition to what parents/caregivers offer, the school may offer additional support to assist parents in making decisions about their children's career pathways after school. Above all, the Career Guidance teacher will work with the student and their parents to find how they are wired differently to fulfil God's will and purpose. 

Referral processes

The Career Guidance teacher is a versatile educator with experience working with intermediate and high school students. The teacher will schedule an appointment with the parents of students from Years 7 and above during the school term. If you wish to discuss your child's career options before the scheduled appointment, please email admin@tyndalepark.school.nz to speak to the Career Guidance teacher. 

During the guidance process, the teacher:

  • Recognises that God has given each student particular talents or has, in his providence, withheld particular talents.
  • Have great interpersonal skills to communicate with students and their parents.
  • Works closely with classroom teachers to achieve the desired student outcome.
  • Have wide knowledge of career pathways for students or are willing to upskill. Keeps up-to-date with current trends and employer demands in the job market.
  • Have no particular bias in choosing a tertiary education over direct on-the-job training.
  • Will work with CENZ to make sure chosen career paths are accredited.

Please find attached the Career Guidance Programme PDF below for more details.