A curriculum that honours God and supports the parents in the nurture of their children in a Christian home

Parents can be confident that this curriculum provides them with:

  • A clear basic course in every subject. All children are well grounded in the knowledge and skills that form the foundations of a good education.
  • Set standards and honest reporting. Standards in all subjects are published so that pupils and teachers know what is expected and what progress is being made. Parents receive regular reports on pupil's progress and each term detailed reports are issued that show how each pupil's progress compares with the standards set.
  • Trained and gifted teachers. Each of our teachers has had to meet demanding standards in the quality of their Christian lives, knowledge of the curriculum and training for quality teaching.
  • Responsibility to parents. Parents are given by God the responsibility of their children's education. Parents have access to the curriculum, all the work their children do and are entitled to look in on classrooms at any time.

In summary, we teach:

  • Bible-based syllabus which acknowledges the Bible as the infallible record of God’s revelation to Man.
  • The English syllabus is based on the skills of speaking, reading, and writing good English.
  • Mathematics syllabus that teaches children the skills they need to live and work in today’s world.
  • Science, Culture (Social Studies) and History syllabi that look at God’s creation and the story of man’s response to God in the light of the Bible.
  • Wide range of practical courses in which the Bible’s standard of excellence forms the basis for teaching skills for service.