TYNDALE PARK CHRISTIAN SCHOOL is dedicated to the service of the Lord Jesus Christ in fulfilling His command as laid down in the Scriptures concerning the Christian’s relationship to God and all mankind.

Acknowledging Jesus Christ to be the Saviour of the world, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, we aim to shape every aspect of our school in the light of the Bible and to the glory of God.

The school offers parents an education that supports the faith and practice of the Christian home. It maintains standards of teaching, behaviour and classwork that reflect the call to excellence in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ. It upholds the Christian values of faith, integrity and responsibility and confronts pupils with the reality and results of sin, presenting the need of salvation through Jesus Christ. It provides tuition to extend the God-given gifts of each child. It prepares young people for a vital life in the community, and for tertiary training, by equipping them with academic knowledge and practical skills moulded by the Word of God.

Opened in 1981, the school has grown to provide for pupils of all ages in Primary and Secondary levels. Uniquely endowed with a picturesque setting, the school stands as a testimony to the grace of God and the sacrifice of God’s people over the years. We welcome enrolment applications from families that share our desire to help raise a new generation of young people whose dedication to Christ is matched by a sound education.

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