The CENZ certificate framework is crafted to give students the maximum liberty in selecting subjects and providers. So long as a course meets the fixed academic and integrity standards required, students can choose and incorporate material from virtually anywhere globally. Contact us by emailing for more information.

The CENZ program covers a range of core subjects at the secondary level and the Bible for university entrance. Each subject is divided into bite-sized, achievable workbooks called PACEs. The PACE is a unit of work that takes two to three weeks to complete, depending on the child's ability. "Time is the variable, and learning is the constant". Each PACE has specific learning goals, objectives, and intentions, with various learning activities and built-in assessments designed to ensure mastery of learning and teach students effective learning strategies. With specific learning goals, objectives, and intentions, PACEs offer a variety of learning activities and built-in assessments to ensure mastery of learning and teach effective learning strategies.

With a personal academic prescription, each child can progress at their appropriate level and rate of learning. Mastery learning ensures that each child learns the material they are studying. Biblical principles and concepts are interwoven into all aspects of the curriculum, and students are taught from a biblical perspective that develops critical thinking skills. 

Four Distinctives of the CENZ Programme

1. Individualized Learning: The programme emphasises individualised learning, allowing students to progress through the curriculum at their own pace. Each student works independently, completing PACEs.

2. Mastery-Based Approach: The program follows a mastery-based approach, requiring students to demonstrate proficiency in each subject before moving on to the next level. This ensures a solid understanding of the material before progressing.

3. Biblical Integration: Each PACE integrates Christian principles and biblical teachings throughout the curriculum. The content aligns with a Christian worldview, and Bible verses, in this case, must be from the King James Version (KJV).

4. Character Development: The CENZ curriculum presents sixty character traits of Jesus into the curriculum and presents role modelling that promotes personal integrity and character. This, along with the practices and procedures, goal setting and routines, requires students to develop Godly character 24/7.

These distinctive features contribute to the unique approach to providing a Bible-based education for students.