Uniform requirements

Y1-6 Girls: Teal Junior Polo, Navy Junior Plain Skorts, Navy Junior Fleece Jumper.

Y1-6 Boys: Teal Junior Polo, Navy Junior Shorts or Trousers, Navy Junior Fleece Jumper. 

Y7-8 Girls: Teal Junior Polo, Navy Senior Skirt (Knee Length or Long Skirt), Navy Senior Soft Shell Jacket.

Y7-8 Boys: Teal Junior Polo, Navy Senior Shorts & Trousers, Navy Senior Soft Shell Jacket.

Y9-13 Girls: Teal or White 3/4 Blouse (must buy at least one). Senior girls may wear Teal Junior Polo shirts if buying more than one blouse is too expensive. Teal Junior Polo up to size 5XX is available. Navy Senior Skirt (Knee Length or Long Skirt), and Navy Senior Soft Shell Jacket. 

Y9-13 Boys: Teal or White Senior Shirt (Short sleeve or Long sleeve, must buy at least one) and Teal Junior Polo (up to size 5XX available. Students may wear polo shirts if buying more than one shirt is too expensive), Navy Senior Shorts & Trousers, Navy Senior Soft Shell Jacket.

*Year 13 students for 2023 will be exempted from wearing compulsory uniforms.

Footwear: Students must wear black school shoes with black or dark navy blue socks; or lack sandals with a back strap. Students may carry sports shoes for PE classes and sports training.
School bag: A plain standard school bag. 

Store location: 

The Tyndale Park Christian School uniform is now available at the NZ Uniforms Botany branch Retail Shop

  • Unit B, 16 Bishop Dunn Place,
  • Botany, Auckland, 2013

p 09 274 9771   e admin@tyndalepark.school.nz   a 206 Murphys Road, Flat Bush, Auckland 2019