Is a private school expensive? Let's compare fees!

Some think that a private school must be expensive - after all, you have to pay for the school, and state schools are free. But the reality today is that state schools and state-integrated schools also have lots of extra costs attached. With Tyndale Park Christian School you pay an all-inclusive fee per term (and an annual tax-deductible 'special character' donation). That's it, no more costs! You even get a loyalty discount that increases the longer you partner with us! With other schools, there are often many additional costs to consider. For example:

  • Special character donation [tax-deductible] (as much as $650 per student per year).
  • Stationery (up to $200).
  • Surcharges for certain courses (up to $200).
  • Development fee/property levy (up to $600).
  • Book bond ($200 - $500).
  • Books ($200).
  • Sports trips, concerts, and school trips ($250).
  • A laptop or tablet (minimum $500).

All these different expenses certainly add up. This was highlighted in the NZ Herald newspaper, that reported that "parents of a child born in 2017 can expect to pay almost $40,000 for their state school education", an average of about $3,076 per year. Quite often state-integrated schools are more expensive since they charge attendance dues too, starting from $1000 a year but quite often $2500 per year or more. It implies that the real cost of a state-integrated school will be between $4,076 and $5,576 or more per year (2018). The Tyndale Park Christian School fees range between $4,416 (Year 1) and $6,528 (Year 13). For this fee, you get a school that is free to teach a Christ-centred curriculum, free from any policies that are in opposition to Biblical truth, and with smaller classes that enable teaching staff to truly focus attention on the needs of students.

Tyndale Park Christian School's affordability is due to the fact we do not have to service a mortgage on our property.

More reading on this topic:

  • Back-to-school costs put pressure on families: "A child starting state school in New Zealand this year is expected to accrue $34,487 in fees, uniforms, and other school supplies by the end of year 13" (that's $ 2,653 per year). And: "That cost increases to $90,433 for a state-integrated school" (that's $ 6,956 per year).

  • School costs: $40,000 for 'free' state education: "Parents of a child born this year can expect to pay almost $40,000 for their education, after a big rise in costs over the last 10 years."

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