Christian secondary school courses Years 9 - 10

In Years 9 & 10 pupils continue the same basic course as in the Primary School. Our aim is to lay a solid foundation of knowledge and skill so as to equip pupils with those sound work skills and habits that are essential for senior students and those beginning work.

Pupils take a comprehensive course that covers academic and practical subjects. It is structured around the five Main Subjects, which are each taught for 2 to 4 hours weekly. Other subjects are taught throughout the year for up to 2 hours weekly. Some of these subjects are offered for one term only per year. All subjects offered in Years 9 & 10 are compulsory.

Main Subjects

Bible: The Bible course instructs pupils in the basics of Bible knowledge with a special emphasis on how the Bible sheds light on their school studies and equips them for serving Christ in their ultimate vocations.

English: This course covers the skills of speaking and writing good English and the appreciation of English literature.

Mathematics: Continuing the development of skills and knowledge across the whole spectrum of mathematics.

History: This course continues the Culture course developed in the primary years: the study of man's response to God in the way he lives his life. While there is a special emphasis on history, current events are also included.

Science: This component of the course is offered through the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) programme. Please refer to the Years 11 to 13 course outline for more information.

Other Subjects

Short Courses, designed to introduce pupils to a range of subjects beyond the basics, are offered in a balanced range of courses. Our aim with each short course is to equip pupils with a foundation of basic knowledge and skill for recreational or personal use, or for career options in the future. The following are offered throughout the year: French or a language of the student's choice (taken through the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) programme), Geography, Information Management, Physical Care, and Accounting/Economics. Short Courses are offered for up to 1 term, on a two-year alternating programme, including the following subjects: Art, Music, Home Economics and Technicraft.

The I.C.D.L. course, which builds on keyboarding skills previously gained, is a comprehensive 6-module course covering both computer hardware and software: students learn the use of a computer to prepare, process and present contemporary business documents with speed and accuracy, becoming familiar with current software programs. Students are awarded the "International Computer Drivers Licence" Certificate upon completion of this course. They also gain important course Credits for the successful completion of the 6 Modules.



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