Primary courses


The study and memorisation of the Bible provides a foundation for the school's three basic aims.

The lesson material shall never replace the Bible as the main textbook/source for this subject taught in Tyndale Park Christian School. The school's motto is 2 Timothy 2:15: "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." Knowing (reading, studying) the Holy Scriptures will make one "wise unto salvation", 2 Timothy 3:15.

It is only as the Bible is known under the Spirit of God that anything is truly known. The study of the Bible is the most important study we can be involved in. It also has a natural and necessary place in all subjects both as interpreter and as a source of study.


In English, the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and spelling are taught to a basic standard of accuracy and precision. In the first year children are taught to read using phonics. This foundation is used in the study of good literature. An emphasis is placed on accurate spelling, good penmanship in handwriting and fluency and sound communication skills in written and spoken English.


In this subject the history and breadth of man's experience and heritage are studied, and set in the context of world geography. We include here the study of what God declares and does regarding Man, and Man's response in the context of key nations throughout history and in the present world.


In Science, children study God's creation and how Man is to fulfil the creation ordinance to exercise dominion over creation as God's stewards. It includes training in the basic practical skills used in research. 


In Mathematics the numerical order established by God in creation is the basis of our course that sees children adding and subtracting in their first year, while senior pupils are extended into algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Practical day-to-day applications of computational skills and arithmetic are included along with memorisation of basic number facts and tables. This provides an invaluable platform for all future mathematics learning.

Art & Music

In Art and Music we train children to recognise, value and present the glory of God and His works in musical and visual forms. The music course includes singing, theory and instrumental work. The Visual Art course includes training in the use of a range of media. Our aim is to equip children to praise God, and to encourage others to praise and enjoy Him. Studies of the work of good artists form a foundation for the teaching and practice of skills and biblical values.

Physical Education

In Physical Education children are taught activity skills and ways of caring for themselves. Fitness, health and good attitudes to physical care equip children for effective and healthy living.


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