ACE Qualifications

Accelerated Christian Education is a complete package of individualised curriculum material, covering all grade levels from Preschool through to Year 13. The Year 13 ACE Academic Certificate is recognised by ALL New Zealand universities. Tyndale offers ACE from Year 9.

Since 1977 the ACE curriculum has been successfully studied by thousands of students in New Zealand and today it is used by many thousands of Christian Schools and Home Educators throughout the world.

The ACE curriculum was developed from an international perspective in order that it could be used throughout the world. National units are included in Maths and Social Studies, and at high school level students are able to choose from over thirty elective courses.

Each subject is presented in a series of self-instructional workbooks, called PACEs (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education), progressively graduated so that new concepts and truths build upon previously mastered ones – mastery learning. Some courses employ video sessions to enhance the learning process whilst others are supplemented with computer software programmes.

A student will normally complete twelve PACEs in five or more subjects a year; each group of twelve high school level PACEs being counted as 1 credit towards an ACE Certificate. In general, twelve completed PACEs in any particular subject represent one year’s work.

The standard required to demonstrate mastery is high, with a minimum pass mark of 80% in each PACE test (90% for Word Building) required before a student is permitted to proceed to the next unit of work.

ACE and New Zealand universities

The Year 13 Ace Academic Certificate is one of 4 qualifications recognised for entry to NZ Universities. The other three are: N.C.E.A. Level 3, Cambridge Y13, International Baccalaureate Y13.The New Zealand Vice-Chancellor’s Committee has recognised the A.C.E. Year 13 Certificate with the following statement:

“This is to certify that the Year 13 Certificate of the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) is accepted by New Zealand universities for admission ad eundem statum at entrance level. This means that for the purpose of entrance to a university, the qualification is deemed to be equivalent to the officially established common entrance standard in this country.”

Obviously, for entrance to popular courses, the individual's personal grades will be used to select successful candidates. This is the same for all candidates, regardless of the qualification.


Accelerated Christian Education offers eight secondary school qualifications based on students gaining credits for work completed at various achievement levels using the ACE curriculum.

ACE Certificates are available to students throughout the world, with the following currently available to students in New Zealand.

Academic Certificates:

NZ Year 11 Certificate of Academic Achievement             17 credits

NZ Year 12 Certificate of Academic Achievement             23 credits

NZ Year 13 Certificate of Academic Achievement             29 credits

NZ Year 13 Certificate of Academic Achievement             29 credits
                        with Honours

Achievement Certificates:

NZ Certificate of Achievement                           (Minimum) 5 credits

NZ Certificate of Achievement 1                                          15 credits

NZ Certificate of Achievement 2                                          20 credits

NZ Certificate of Achievement 3                                          25 credits


NB It should be noted that these certificates do not comment on the Christian character of the candidate.