Tuition Fees

Our tuition fees include all teaching and learning costs incurred during the school year. No extra costs for books, trips, camps and excursions!

2022 Tuition Fees (incl. GST) 

School fees are unchanged for 2021. The Trust Board has decided to keep the fee structure the same because it recognises that many families have been impacted by the changing economy as a result of COVID-19.

Important note: In addition to the fees below, there is a “Special Character Donation" of $80 per secondary student, per term, and $65 per primary student, per term. The purpose of these “Special Character Donations" is to keep increases of tuition fees to a minimum. These amounts are eligible for a 33% tax refund and may be paid as a lump sum in advance or incorporated in your usual method of payment. Our normal practice will be to receipt donations at the time they are given; these are then official tax receipts which can be submitted in your annual tax returns for the preceding financial year, in order to claim the Donations Rebate. 

Remember: our tuition fees include ALL costs during the school year. No extra costs for books, trips, camps and excursions!

Primary Full Rate Per Term
Years 1-4 $1,443
Years 5-6 $1,497
Intermediate Full Rate Per Term
Years 7-8 $1,658
Secondary Full Rate Per Term
Years 9-10 $1,816
Years 11-13 $1,997

Please Note:

  • Fees stated include GST and are all-inclusive, covering stationery, class materials, camps [Year 5 upwards] and excursions.
  • Fees stated are per term. The school operates a four term year.
  • Fees are non-refundable.
  • Fees may be paid weekly, fortnightly, or monthly by direct credit at the full rate provided they are paid current with tuition received. Parents are strongly encouraged to pay fees for the term at the start of the term if possible.
  • If you find yourself unable to make payment when it is due, please communicate with us ahead of time so we can work together on a plan to get you through this temporary situation. Tuition can only be provided for students whose fees are current.
  • If you want to withdraw your child from school, you are required to give the school 5 weeks notice (for planning and stewardship purposes). If you do not inform the school of the withdrawal, you will be invoiced and responsible for 5 weeks' tuition fees.

Loyalty Discount

Whereas a prompt payment discount was used in the past, from 2019 onwards a loyalty discount applies. This discount is prorated according to the number of years a family has been partnering with the school, starting with the date the oldest child has been enrolled at TPCS, and will continue until the youngest child leaves school. An example of how the loyalty discount works is in the table below.

After 1 Year After 3 Years After 6 Years After 10 Years After 15 Years
1 % discount on published fees 3 % discount on published fees 6 % discount on published fees 10 % discount on published fees 15 % discount on published fees

Administration fee (paid only once)

The administration fee of $250 (inclusive of GST) for one child is paid once only, at the enrolment interview. For a second child, a fee of $100 (inclusive of GST) is charged, making a maximum charge per family of $350 (inclusive of GST) irrespective of the number of further children enrolled.

Tuition Fees - Future Increases


Dear parents, as you know the NZEI (the largest teachers' union in New Zealand) has been negotiating the salaries of teachers in the state system with the New Zealand Government. Teachers' salaries have been increasing by a maximum of 5% per annum until 2022 (it is important to clarify that TPCS teachers' salaries are not paid by the state but from students' tuition fees and therefore independent of the NZEI negotiations). Secondly, national inflation is presently around 2%.

To ensure,

  1. we provide an excellent teaching and learning programme at TPCS,
  2. we keep up with national inflation,
  3. our teachers' salaries are competitive, and
  4. the continued recruitment of teachers as the school grows,

we have no choice but to review tuition fees on an annual basis - please be assured that we know that you are making a sacrifice to give your children a quality, Christian education. We are doing everything in our power to keep tuition fees as low as possible.

The value of donations to help manage an increase in tuition fees

We want to ask parents to consider making donations towards a goal of at least $20,000 annually (click here to go to our 'Support Us' page) to manage tuition fee increases. Donations are typically used for capital expenses that will make a marked improvement to the teaching and learning programme we offer at our school, e.g. development of facilities, rather than operational expenses. If we are not able to reach the goal of $20,000, we may be forced to make additional tuition fees increases during the school year to ensure we can keep providing an excellent Christian education. If you have any questions, please contact the office. If the fee increases are making the cost prohibitive, please make an appointment with the principal to discuss how we can maintain our partnership.

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