TPCS Online Assembly on Tuesday 14 April, 8.55 am

Monday, 13 Apr 2020

Dear community, there will be a brief online assembly from 8.55 am to 9.15 am on Tuesday 14 April. I will try to broadcast the event in two places:

  • Google Meet: (only one device per family if you choose this service; please use this only if you know how to mute your device's microphone - the advantage of this platform is that I can see you! Please be patient to be given permission to access this stream. If I do not recognise the identity of the person trying to join the Google Meet, I am not able to grant access due to privacy concerns - if that happens to you, do not be offended. Please use the YouTube link instead.)
  • YouTube: (this is more like a TV broadcast - you can see me, but I cannot see you)

Just a reminder about digital citizenship: Even though we are communicating online using digital tools, there are real people who are part of this video conference and the way you behave towards these people and use these digital tools to communicate with these people will immediately become part of your "digital" footprint. You want that footprint to be immaculate.

Please make it a personal goal to ensure that your real self and your digital self are the same person. What does that mean? Do not do anything online that you will not do when you are in another person's presence. Tyndale Park Christian School students aim to be people of immaculate character.

I look forward to seeing all of you!

School starts tomorrow

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