Reflection and Notices: 24 April 2020

Friday, 24 Apr 2020

Dear Parents, tomorrow is ANZAC Day. In an article I read today, the author writes,

"I think that it is significant that the most widely remembered individual from the Gallipoli conflict is not a brilliant general responsible for effective military strategy, or a courageous soldier responsible for a successful attack, but a man with a donkey. John Simpson went backwards and forwards from the front, carrying wounded soldiers back on his donkey, until he himself was killed. There is now a commemoration stone at his grave which reads: “202 Private J. Simpson, Australian Army Medical Corps. 19th May, 1915. Age 22. He gave his life that others may live.”"

Tomorrow, there will be children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who will be grateful for the bravery of Private J. Simpson because without it they will not be able live the lives God is calling them to live today.

The inscription on the grave also reminds us of Jesus' words, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you (John 15:13-14)." Jesus laid down His life for us so that we may live ... eternally.

There will be no dawn commemoration services this year but the challenge has been made to stand at your gate tomorrow morning at 6 am. Who will take up that challenge? If you do, send us a photo at

Just a reminder: since ANZAC Day falls on a Saturday, it is celebrated as a public holiday on Monday 27 April. There will be no remote learning on Monday. Mrs Bagrie and the teachers are busy creating a website with lots of optional but fun activities. We encourage you to visit the ANZAC Day page for some ideas. Remote learning will continue on Tuesday 28 April.

We have reached the end of the second week of remote learning! I want to ask you to take 5 minutes to complete this feedback form: (it will help us to refine what we do)

Lastly, another reminder: due to the restrictive guidelines of COVID-19 Level 3, Tyndale Park Christian School is unable to open for normal classes on Murphys Road (it is important to note that actually all state, state-integrated and independent schools are in the same position and most schools will either not be open or running with a skeleton staff). However, remote learning will continue as usual until at least Monday 11 May.

Please do not come to the school property for any reason until 11 May unless you have made an appointment with a teacher / the office

We will start next week with a brief assembly on Tuesday 28 April, 8.50 am to about 9.15 am.

We hope you have a most enjoyable long weekend!

Yours faithfully

Barend Blom


ANZAC Day 2020

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