Assembly Week 4, Term 2, 2020

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Dear parents and students, it is the start of Week 4 of Term 2! Students, we are impressed by how you have taken up the charge to become professional students. You have shown both your parents and teachers that you can work independently. Parents, we want to thank you for the positive way you have encouraged your child(ren). We also realise it has been, and still is, a challenging time for most of us. We are continuing to pray for you on a daily basis and we trust the Lord to provide in all of your needs - He is faithful. Something to keep in mind is that "God is mighty slow, but never late".

On a practical note, unfortunately the YouTube stream failed this morning just as assembly started. I was unable to start it again but I did manage to record the Google Meet stream this morning. So if you were not able to make it to assembly this morning, or you were cut off while you were attempting to watch the YouTube stream, here it is!

The presentation is below.

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