Assembly Week 3, Term 2, 2020

Tuesday, 28 Apr 2020

Dear parents and students, we hope you have enjoyed the long weekend. What did you do for ANZAC Day? Please share a photo with your classroom teacher.

Welcome to the first day of COVID-19 Level 3! We know some parents will be returning to work or be required to return to work. May God bless you as you get used to the new routine, especially as you get used to the implications of the COVID-19 Level 3 guidelines and regulations on your workplace and its routines. If your work situation makes the care of your children complicated, please email Mr Blom at

Tyndale Park Christian School will continue with remote learning "as usual" and our teachers are looking forward to seeing their students in class online. Here is the link to today's assembly:

The slideshow can be viewed here:

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