Accelerated Christian Education Past Students - subsequent studies and achievements.

Amie de Boer's [ nee Bain] testimony:

" The Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) approach is not only one that prepares you academically but it also gives you a great life skill which will help you in any line of work you may go into. That skill is a good work ethic. I have found this to be very necessary in my work. I was pleased last year to receive a letter of commendation from the animation school, commending me on my work ethic, time management and willingness to help out. These things are, I feel, a real credit to my highschool teachers as well as to the ACE system itself.

The ACE sustem not only gave me a good, well-rounded education; it also taught me to aim high and gave me the opportunity to complete my schooling earlier than normal because I planned my short and long-term goals carefully."



Just a few of our more recent past students and their subsequent courses of study and qualifications after graduating from Tyndale Park Christian School with Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) qualifications.

Victor Barnes [Graduated 2015, Y13] PhD student at Monash Univeristy, Melbourn after graduating with Bachelor of Engineering with first class honours [Auckland Univeristy]

Matthew Short [ Graduated 2013, Y13, Dux.] Recipient of Otago University Scholarship; currently completing second year of study in Medicine/Health Studies.[Otago University]

Marieke Brinkman [Graduated 2012, Y13] Completed Bachelor of Commerce, Double major in Marketing & Management. [Auckland University] - Youngest ever graduate!!

Dieuwe de Boer [ Graduated 2012, Y12] Currently completing Bachelor of Information & Computing Technology [M.I.T.]

Benjamin Denham [Graduated 2012, Y12] Currently completing Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology. [M.I.T.]

Jio Williams [Graduated 2012, Y13] Currently completing Diploma in Film Making [ S.A.E. Institute, Auckland.]

Forjay Ah Loe [ Graduated 2012, Y13] Currently completing Bachelor in Computer Engineering [ Auckland University]

Kristyn Gentry [Graduated 2010, Y13] Completed Bachelor of Arts, Double major in Pyschology & Linguistics. [Auckland University]

Shayal Mala [Graduated 2011, Y13] Completed Bachelor of Health Science, Majoring in Occupationl Therapy (AUT)

Amie de Boer (nee Bain) [Graduated 2011, Y13] Completed Certificate in Character Animation(BCA), [ Animation College of NZ ]

Samantha Vivian [Graduated 2011, Y13] Completed Bachelor in Creative Art, majoring in Photography. [M.I.T.]





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