Tuition Fees

Is a private Christian school expensive? While fees vary, you may be surprised to know that the average "free" integrated school requires an extra $2,650 per annum, per student, in various charges and costs!

2017 Tuition fees (incl. GST)

In addition to the fees below, there is a “Special Character” donation of $245 per secondary student per annum, and $195 per primary student, per annum. These amounts are eligible for a 33% tax refund and may be paid as a lump sum in advance or incorporated in your usual method of payment. Our normal practice will be to receipt donations at the time they are given; these are then official tax receipts which can be submitted in your annual tax returns for the preceeding financial year, in order to claim the Donations Rebate.  


Remember: our tuition fees include ALL costs during the school year. No extra costs for books, trips, camps and excursions!

Primary Full Rate Per Term Discounted Rate
Years 1-4 $1,082.00 $1,000.00
Years 5-6 $1,122.00 $1,038.00
Intermediate Full Rate Per Term Discounted Rate
Years 7-8 $1,245.00 $1,152.00
Secondary Full Rate Per Term Discounted Rate
Years 9-10 $1,377.00 $1,274.00
Years 11-13 $1,600.00 $1,480.00

Please Note:

  • Fees stated include GST and are all inclusive, covering stationery,class materials, camps [Y5&6 upwards] and excursions.
  • Fees stated are per term. The school operates a four term year.
  • A prompt payment discount of 7.5% applies for tuition fees paid by the end of the first week each term.
  • Fees are non refundable.
  • Fees may be paid weekly, fortnightly, or monthly by direct credit at the full rate provided they are paid in advance of tuition received.
  • Where fees are not paid by the due date we will have no other alternative but to remove your child/children from the roll. Tuition can only be provided for those whose fees are paid.

Administration fee (paid only once)

The administration fee of $172.50 for one child is paid once only, at the enrolment interview. For a second child, a fee of $115 is charged, making a maximum charge per family of $287.50 irrespective of the number of further children enrolled.

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