Welcome to Term 4, 2018

Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018

Dear Parents, at the end of the last term I announced that the Trust Board recently approved 2 Timothy 2:15 as the official profile of a Tyndale Park Christian School student: “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”. I now want to discuss how this statement will help us be more focused on preparing our students properly for their future and fulfilling our school’s mission statement, i.e. “Tyndale Park Christian School assists parents by providing a Christ-centred education that encourages academic excellence and Christian service to the glory of God”.

The staff and I spent some time during our most recent Inservice Meeting (the last Friday of the holiday) to study 2 Timothy 2:15 by looking at the meaning of the original text and context. Here is a summary of what we have found (and I am sure the Bible scholars in our community will be able to point out a few more things).

  • The word translated as “study” can also mean to “use speed, that is, to make effort, to be prompt or earnest”. We want to develop students who are not only zealous about their study of God’s Word but also earnest to get a proper understanding of all learning areas from a Christian worldview. It requires students who are striving for excellence.
  • The words translated as “to shew” can also mean to “stand beside” or “exhibit, proffer, specifically recommend, figuratively substantiate” – to mention a few synonyms. We believe students have to be equipped with thinking skills that will enable them to confidently stand on the truth of God’s Word when they take their place in God’s Kingdom – whether that is as a doctor, plumber, engineer or hairdresser.
  • The word translated as “approved” can also mean to be “properly acceptable”.
  • The word translated as “God” also has the idea of being a “magistrate” included in its meaning, i.e. God being the moral lawgiver who decides between right and wrong. If we assume there is such a thing as “right”, then it means there must be such a thing as “wrong”. For right or wrong to exist there must be a moral law. If we want to posit a moral law, then there has to be a moral lawgiver. The Bible teaches that God is that moral lawgiver.
  • The word translated as “worker” means someone who “toils, a labourer or worker” and can figuratively be used to mean “teacher”. We want our students to learn the value of hard work. They also need to be confident in their knowledge of God’s Word and its links to everyday life in order to “teach” others the truth.
  • The word translated as “needeth not to be ashamed” means to be irreprehensible, beyond reproach and blameless. We hope to develop students who are people of integrity.
  • The word translated as “rightly dividing” also refers to “cutting straight”, i.e. taking precise care when dividing something up. We want our students to understand the value of paying attention to detail, especially in their thinking and the way they choose to live out their Christian worldview.
  • “Word of truth” refers to the Scriptures, the source of absolute truth. We aim to develop students who have a level of Biblical literacy that enables them to understand and explain that Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by” Jesus (John 14:6).

Our vision or profile of a TPCS graduate is of someone who has developed the skill and understanding necessary to explain their place in the world from a Christian worldview, a worldview that recognises that there is such a thing as absolute truth and that the source of all absolute truth is God’s Word. We accomplish this vision by ‘assisting parents, providing a Christ-centred education that encourages academic excellence and Christian service to the glory of God”.

Thank you for choosing to partner with us. We look forward to joining you and your child in his or her learning journey this term. Soli Deo Gloria!

Barend Blom – Principal​

Newsletter 1, Term 4, 2018

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