Thanksgiving Assembly 2017

Monday, 11 Dec 2017

Thank you to all of the parents, grandparents, other family members, friends and board members who supported our students and staff by attending the Thanksgiving Assembly. It was appropriate to praise God for a great year and to celebrate our students' achievements.

Special Award Citations

Scholarship: Darlene Das

Darlene is focused and diligent - a mature approach to her studies. In 2017 she has completed 63 PACEs and achieved an average of 96.6% for 7 completed subjects. She doesn't shy away from leadership opportunities and her teachers, peers and family will testify to her aspirations live an authentic Christian life. She is a deserved recipient of the Tyndale Park Christian School Scholarship Award.

Christian Service:

Esther Dominguez

Whenever we ask anyone for help, Esther is willing to volunteer. She has served Tyndale Park Christian School in a variety of ways in 2017, including as a student helper and teacher assistant and receptionist. Esther has also participated in a short-term outreach to South East Asia at the start of the year. Despite her acts of service, she has completed 63 PACEs in 9 Subjects in 2017 with an ave of 91.4%. Her mature attitude to the Christian life makes her a deserved recipient of this award.

Rajdeep Bhullar

Rajdeep’s approach to service is to be commended. She often identifies areas of service without being prompted and she is always willing to help out when a volunteer is needed. She has been a faithful student helper and teacher assistant for more than a year and the caring way in which she interacts with our younger students has not gone unnoticed. Rajdeep has completed 68 PACEs in 6 Subjects with an average of 89.5% and has shown great determination and perseverance during her studies. She exemplifies the criteria for this award and is a deserved recipient.

Tyndale: Jeswin Alfred John

Jeswin has been at Tyndale Park Christian School from Year 1. He started school in Term 3 of 2008. Both staff and students can testify to Jeswin’s honouring approach to relationships here at school, evidenced by both his behaviour and daily personal presentation. His teachers have commented that he sets himself challenging academic goals and pursues excellence with consistency. Jeswin is a deserved recipient of the Tyndale Award.

Here are some photos to celebrate the evening:

Thanksgiving Assembly 2017

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