Student Mission Trips

Wednesday, 28 Dec 2011

In recent years, a number of Tyndale Park students have participated in Short Term Mission trips to the Pacific Islands. While not 'official' school trips, we are most gratified to see our students involved in serving the Lord in this way.

In 2011, Katie Barnett spent 3 weeks in Samoa with a 'Word of Life' short term mission. Her group was involved with a number of schools, presenting the gospel through dramas and skits and other speaking opportunities. Later, that year, Lydia Mooyman spent 3 months in Vanuatu as an 'Ace Monitor', assisting various Christian schools with their Ace programmes as part of the ACE 'Monitor Mission' programme. Naturally this proved to be a very 'stretching' experience for her, as she was tested by being so far from home amidst a culture very different to her own.

Then in 2012, Sara Barnes spent 3 weeks in Fiji, also with 'Word of Life', and this year, 2013, Natascha Vivian was the latest student to spend a valuable 3 weeks away with 'W.O.L' this time in Samoa again.

All girls reported it to be a wonderful experience, not always easy - but always worthwhile and in many ways, life-shaping.

Here are a few shots from Natascha's most recent trip.


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