New - no more 'extras' Fee Structure -for 2014

Tuesday, 7 Jan 2014

The Board has recently been looking at the fee structure here at TPCS and after much consideration, has decided to instigate a number of changes. One of these changes involves the Year 9 & 10 ICDL (International Computer Driver’s Licence) course which we have been running since 2008. The skills gained through this course are particularly relevant to students planning further tertiary education and in fact, have now become foundational to most career paths.
20/20 Communications Trust, who administer the ICDL course, have changed their online provider which has meant a significant change in the way ‘licences’ are offered. There will be no generic licences offered to schools; instead individual licenses must now be purchased for each student at an annual cost of $75. This is in addition to the initial registration fee of $92.
This change prompted the Board to look at the way in which it charges for ICDL and also the ‘extra’ activities such as school camps, outings and sporting trips throughout the year. It has now been decided to incorporate all these ‘extra’ fees and costs into the school fees for a calendar year so that parents have a clearer picture of the actual costs involved in the years schooling and can better budget for it. It also means that these costs can be spread out in a more systematic way over the course of the school year. In addition, after careful and prayerful consideration the Trust Board, has decided to increase the tuition fees by 3% next year. This is never done lightly as we are always mindful of the sacrifice it is for the majority of you to have your children enrolled here.
As I’m sure you are aware, the area around the school has seen incredible residential development in the past 12 months! The Board has also been working on some exciting developments within the School involving both refurbishment of the existing buildings and courts, and the development of our currently unused land. These will take place progressively over the next few weeks and months.
The new Term fees announced below now incorporate the 3% tuition fee increase, the new ICDL fees [where applicable] and ALL the planned activities for your child/ren next year, including camps and sports trips etc. We trust that this will assist in your annual budgeting and planning.
Please find below the new per Term fee structure for 2014:
2014 Fees per Term: Discounted Rate:      Full Rate         Weekly Rate (based on 10 payments per term.)
Year 1 to 4:                   980.50                 1,060.00              106.00
Year 5 & 6:                 1,017.50                 1,100.00              110.00
Year 7 &8:                  1,128.50                 1,220.00              122.00
Year 9 & 10:               1,248.75                 1,350.00              135.00
Year 11-13:                 1,452.25                 1,570.00              157.00
Yours faithfully
Lloyd Vivian
School Manager

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