Class organisation changes for 2018

Thursday, 18 Jan 2018

Dear parents and caregivers, I trust that you have had a blessed few weeks together as a family. I have certainly enjoyed the privilege of spending quality time with my wife and children as well as enjoy the lovely summer weather God has blessed us with.

Class groupings for 2018

The 2018 school year will start in two weeks (Thursday February 1st, 8:50 am) and there is an important development that you need to be aware of. God has blessed us with wonderful growth in student numbers the past year. This year we will start the year with the most students we have had enrolled in Term 1 in at least three years. As a result, we have had to rearrange the classes in order to ensure the quality and excellence of the teaching and learning at Tyndale Park Christian School. So for 2018, your child will be in the following class:

  • Year 1: Miss Poia (this class will consist of present year 1’s as well as new year 1’s)
  • Year 2-3: Mr Burgess
  • Year 4-5: Mrs Barnes
  • Year 6-8: Mr Vivian (approximately half of the year 8 students will be with Mr Vivian and the other half of year 8 will be with Miss Brinkman)
  • Year 8-10: Miss Brinkman
  • Year 11-13: Mrs Oosthuizen

Please be assured that the reorganisation of classes was taken very seriously since part of our mission is “to encourage academic excellence to the glory of God”. It has enabled us to created class groupings that are more evenly distributed for greater equity in students’ teaching and learning opportunities. It also allows us to adequately respond to the continued growth that we are trusting God to bless us with.

Parent Orientation Evening 2018

Lastly, I want to ask that each one of you set aside the evening of Thursday 22 February from around 5:30 pm for our annual Parent Orientation Evening. It is essential that every family tries to attend this important community event. Not only does it give you an opportunity to hear from the teachers how you can partner with us for the education of your children, but it will also give you an opportunity to hear about the future of your children’s education as well as meet the other families who are part of Tyndale Park Christian School.

If you have any questions about the organisation of classes for 2018, please contact me during office hours at 09 274 9771 or email me at The staff and I are excited to serve you and your children this year.

Yours faithfully,

Barend Blom



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